Richard Dansky (rdansky) wrote,
Richard Dansky

Things I Never Expected to Hear

You can put "a full orchestral treatment of the theme from Splinter Cell: Conviction" on that list. And yet, there it is. And of course, in the comments section of the linked page there's all sorts of mudslinging about the choices of tracks on the album this came from, what that says about recent AAA titles vs. classic games, how things that don't conform 100% to a given poster's expectations and desires automatically suck, and so forth.
It would be nice, when a project like this came along, for folks to say, "Hey, maybe not all of the stuff I would have chosen, but I think I might just judge it on its own merits", as opposed to taking the typically hyperbolic CD title - seriously, did ANYONE think that this track list was compiled in an effort to be definitive for the ages, as opposed to the CD being given a title that might sell a few more copies - as some sort of betrayal of the Platonic Ideal of Game Music?
I know, I'm crazy. Then again, my favorite game music comes from Colony Wars, so any opinion I have on the greatest game music of all time is probably a little skewed anyway. But in the end, it's neat to hear the Conviction theme get the full orchestral treatment, and I would hope that even the folks who don't think it's One Of The Greatest Games Of All Time, or Some Of The Greatest Game Music Of All Time would at least enjoy the track for what it is.
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